Buy Seafood in North Vancouver

When it comes to the choice of nutritious meals, seafood is an excellent choice as it gives us all the essential nutrients in a single serving. Consuming all the components of the balanced diet is easy but purchasing the right kind of seafood in North Vancouver is a constant struggle for seafood lovers. BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood launched a one-stop solution for the seafood enthusiasts in North Vancouver. As a small business based in Ladner, BC, we supply fresh, sustainable, wild-caught variety of seafood directly from the local fishing families to your doorstep in North Vancouver.

Product Scope and Deals:

Here at BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood, we are dedicatedly sourcing only the premium quality fish and seafood for our precious customers in North Vancouver. We have great deals on live, fresh, and flash-frozen seafood including the delicacy, Uni (Sea Urchin Roe), Spot Prawns, Spot Prawn Tails, Wild Albacore Tuna, Wild Octopus, Wild Pacific Halibut fillets, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Wild Spring Salmon, Wild Pink Salmon and much more. 

Along with a wide array of products, the people of North Vancouver can also avail our super saver combo deals so that they always have a stock in their freezers for quick consumption. That’s just not it! We are also offering free delivery for our precious customers in North Vancouver on orders above $150 on selective days. Just enter your correct postal code on checkout and conform free delivery of your order right from the dock to your fork at the comfort of your home in North Vancouver.

Why Us:

We deliver them directly from your local fishermen to assure our valued customers in North Vancouver that they are getting the highest-quality seafood from a trusted source while supporting a local small business!

All our seafood is wild-caught, hormones and antibiotic-free, honestly labelled, fresh, sustainable and ocean-friendly. We also supply to many local and international restaurants in North Vancouver. Also, hundreds of customers in North Vancouver are ordering seafood from us and are more than happy with our seafood quality, deals like free seafood delivery and our customer services.

So why wait! Just mix and match from our wide array of seafood products avail the great health benefits of its omega-3 and other nutritional components by getting it delivered to your home in North Vancouver.