Wild caught BC spot prawns are sustainably caught and frozen

“Flash Frozen at Sea” and BC Spot Prawns

When it comes to understanding “flash frozen at sea”, some consumers are unaware of the details of how this preserves their seafood. Freezing different types of meat/produce has long been suggested as a safe way to store and preserve food. Preservation through freezing has been proven successful, as we have seen with many discovered ice age animals. Introducing Yuka, the 28,000-year-old woolly mammoth. Remains of Yuka were found to have signs of biological activity of the mammoth nuclei. Yuka proves the preservation possibilities of freezing temperatures. 

Turing from the woolly mammoth, we can apply the same concept of freezing to preserve BC spot prawns. Let’s take a look at the process of flash freezing wild caught BC spot prawns.

Wild BC Spot Prawn Season

Opening in May, the wild BC commercial prawn fishing season runs until mid to late June. Spawner Index sampling, a sustainable practice, is a process that uses data to finalize closure dates for the wild BC spot prawn season. 

‘Berried’ spawners are wild prawns that carry eggs to be released, mainly happening during the winter months. During these months, recreational fishing of prawns is closed to allow for populations to grow. 

Caught, Packed, and Frozen

Here, at BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood, we take great pride in the quality of our ‘flash frozen at sea’ wild spot prawns. Our boats are 100% owner operated by the families that fish them. Locally caught, BC spot prawns are hauled aboard. Undersized wild prawns are released along with any prawn with roe, or eggs. 

Example of the power of flash freezing, a frozen bubble.

After being graded; Medium, Large, XL, and Jumbo, wild BC prawns are hand selected and packed, by the fishermen/women that made the catch, before being flash frozen at -35°. Flash frozen at sea, at temperatures of -35°, directly on the boat. No depreciation of the quality, taste, texture, or freshness of the wild caught BC spot prawn. 

Serving Up BC Spot Prawns

Once you bring home your hand packed container of ‘flash frozen’ wild caught prawns, you have the pleasurable task of eating these delicacies. Thawing BC spot prawns allows you to enjoy them sashimi style but they may also be cooked. 

Before cooking up the wild spot prawns, be cautious of the amount of time. Wild spot prawns can easily and quickly overcook! Boiled in water, with a dash of salt, and cooked for 35 seconds before being cooled in an ice bath is a recipe for delicious success.

The Takeaway

It truly does not get any “fresher” than ‘flash frozen at sea’. Our wild caught BC spot prawns offer a delicious, sustainable, and family friendly meal for any time of the season. Thanks to being flash-frozen, you and your family can enjoy spot prawns long after the season is over without the worry of quality and freshness!