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Live Spot Prawns & Seafood | Pick Up & Delivery in Vancouver & Ladner, BC

Your Local Fishing Family

We are a small business based in Ladner, BC: your local fishing families supplying the high-quality seafood direct to you from us! You will be guaranteed only wild-caught, sustainable, antibiotic-free and hormone-free fish, spot prawns, Dungeness crab, and other live, fresh, or frozen seafood products from us.

We have the best prices and deals on products such as wild sable fish, wild sockeye salmon, wild spring salmon, wild albacore tuna, wild octopus, live Dungeness crab, spot prawns, uni (sea urchin), and many other products available, or coming soon! We offer have free delivery in the Greater Vancouver area for qualifying orders (great for sharing), otherwise they can be picked up in Ladner Wharf, or False Creek (Vancouver) on our specified pick up days.

Our Vision

We will always be a conscious, family-first business. We imagine a world where we all thrive in optimal health and well-being, while living in harmony with the oceans, and always giving back what we take.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect real people to real food to inspire healthier communities, and thriving local economies while living in harmony with our precious oceans. We only source the highest quality, honest, low-impact, wild-caught, and sustainable seafood for the well-being of our health, our supply chain, and our world. We strive to bring innovation and creativity to the fishing industry, introducing new ways of thinking to encourage the growth and sustainability of the community. We actively work with our fellow fishermen, and believe in the power of building a supportive network of individuals to ensure the livelihood of our industry.

Honest, Low-Impact Seafood

It is extremely important to buy seafood locally, and know your source because seafood fraud is rampant in our industry. When you buy your seafood at some supermarkets, seafood is often mislabelled, either expensive fish such as Wild Sockeye Salmon being substituted for farmed salmon or another incorrect species. It is known that some dye the colour of farmed fish to get the dark rich red colour of wild salmon. You could be buying fish at your local supermarket marked as "wild and local" but it could be imported farmed fish from overseas. This is a risk to consumers because it exposes our consumers to toxins, allergens, toxins, and other environmental contaminants.

Supporting Local Our Local Economies

We already supply to many restaurants and grocery stores, so why not buy directly from us so you know exactly where you are getting your seafood from, plus you are doing us a huge favour in which we are forever grateful for, by supporting our small family business. 🙏

Highest Quality Premium Sourced Seafood

Highest Quality Premium Sourced Seafood

When you order and buy seafood online from us, we source only the highest quality seafood from your local fishing families in British Columbia. We also supply to many local restaurants so you are getting the same high quality seafood product they are getting.Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Here at BC Live Spot Prawns & Fresh Seafood, we are passionate about keeping our oceans healthy and sustaining the wildlife habitat. We only source wild-caught and sustainable seafood products. The livelihood of our fishing families depend on the health of our ocean habitat so we are committed to sustainable fishing standards.

Customers Come First!

Family First Means Customers First

We are a family business, and we want to welcome you to our family. We want you to be happy and we strive to put you first! We are here if you need any assistance with your order, and also opened to constructive feedback on how we can serve you better. You can easily reach us through our contact form or via Facebook Messenger.