Wild Sablefish / Black Cod

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*Please read the product descriptions carefully. Please bring cash in case you need to pay the difference in weight for the whole sable fish.

Black Cod, also known as Sablefish, from the waters in Haida Gwaii, is famous for its velvety texture with a rich and delicate buttery flavour with a hint of sweetness. Grilled, smoked, poached or roasted, you cannot go wrong serving a decadent piece of wild black cod.

Wild Black Cod / Wild Sablefish Notes:

  • flash frozen at sea to ensure quality and freshness
  • each¬†whole sable fish will feed 4-5 people
  • 1lb = 16oz; an individual portion is about 0.5lb
  • high in omega-3 fatty¬†acids
  • high-quality protein
  • contains iron, calcium, iron, copper, and other mineral
  • you will receive black cod steaks in various sizes as it is from the whole fish
  • fillets are skin on¬†with very minimal bones
  • no preservatives,¬†wild-caught, never farmed or genetically-modified
  • please note that our wild sablefish is not sashimi-grade
  • learn more about wild sablefish / black cod on our blog!
  • Please note, the family packs contain full fillets, and a couple of tail pieces to be fair to all our customers.

    *note: bones may puncture holes in the vacuum seal bags that steaks comes in.

    Nutritional Information for Wild Sablefish:

    per 3oz of the wild sablefish

      • Calories¬†212
      • Fat¬†17 g
      • Protein¬†15¬†g
      • Cholesterol¬†54¬†mg
      • Sodium¬†61¬†mg

      Click here to learn more about Wild Sable Fish / Black Cod on our blog!

      Click here for a Nobu's famous Miso Black Cod recipe!

      Customer Reviews

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      The fish is very good and it was delivered as promised. Received a text message 45 mins before they arrived. Glad to directly support the fishermen and receive good quality seafood. Will order again! Thank you!

      It’s amazing

      I will buy again

      Sablefish/black cod most delicious ūüėč

      Black Cod is the best tasting fish. They are fresh and I like streaming it then add hot oil and black bean sauce. So good!

      Truly amazing Sable fish

      Loved the freshness of the fish and coming back for more soon

      Excellent fish

      Really enjoyed the fish. You do get a variety of sizes. There was an assortment of decent to small sizes of cuts

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      They delivered on time. I also like they do remind you before the delivery day. The price is reasonable... I just tried the wild albacore tuna and I love it. Fresh food. Great selection, Knowledgeable staff!!

      Marie Ana

      Very good customer service easy to order and dropped off at my house no delivery fee. Can’t wait to try my spot prawns!!

      Christine Lee

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