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What is Wild Sablefish / Wild Black Cod

It is rightly said that if all fish were cars, Wild Sable Fish would be a private jet. Although, Wild Sable Fish is not a member of the cod family, it is also known as Wild Black Cod due to its Cod-like appearance. The only difference Wild Black Cod has is a darker upper body. It also belongs to the family, Anoplopomatidae

Wild Sable Fish is usually caught at the depths of around 3000 feet. On average, the commercially-harvested wild sable fish weighs between 9-10 pounds and is around 2 feet long. Many people also call it Butter Fish because of its velvety texture.

What Does Wild Sable Fish Eat

Young wild sable fish / wild black cod, consumes tiny floating sea creatures called zooplankton in the first few days of their life. Adult wild sable fish feeds on any available prey. The prey may include jellyfish, squid, smaller aquatic invertebrates or other fish.

Taste Flavour And Texture

If you haven’t tried wild sable fish / wild black cod, you are surely in for a treat. Numerous high-end restaurants serve it as a premium delicacy because of its rich and extremely buttery texture with a little sweet taste. It is also normally the most popular seafood item in their menus. Despite being an oily fish, most of it is polyunsaturated fat (good fat) like omega-3 and due to it’s high fat content, it is easy to cook. The velvety texture and flakes go well with acidic or salty flavours and make it a perfect treat. 


Wild Sable Fish or Wild Black Cod is a fatty fish. The high fat content acts as a buffer against overcooking, hence making it a perfect seafood choice for novice cooks. 


Wild Sable Fish or Wild Black Cod is an extremely versatile fish that does great with smoking, grilling, broiling, searing or roasting. Its fat content makes it an excellent candidate for smoking. However, sablefish or black cod may not be a good choice for making ceviche.

Why Should We Eat Wild Sable Fish/ Black Cod

Wild-caught Sable Fish / Wild Black Cod, from the pristine waters of  Haida Gwaii, is loaded with healthy nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. So, why not to get all the components of a balanced diet in one go?

In order to stay healthy, nutritionists recommend consuming wild-caught seafood or fish at least 2-3 weekly. Along with numerous other health benefits, consuming wild sable fish may also promote good heart and brain health. So, why not to bless your menu with decadent Butter Fish, right from the pristine waters of Haida Gwaii?

Wild Sable Fish is also rich in Vitamin A and B6, Calcium and Magnesium. All of these nutrients play a vital role in optimum health. It is also rich in omega-3 and protein. Both these make wild black cod, an excellent choice for the keto, pescatarian, or a plan-forward diet.

What is Wild Sablefish / Wild Black Cod

How to Buy the Best Wild Sable Fish / Wild Black Cod

Some of the best seafood originates in the coastal waters of British Columbia. It is because of the cold and deep waters of Haida Gwaii, that wild sable fish is extremely flavourful and nutritionally-dense. Whenever you want to buy wild sable fish, make sure to buy fish that is:

  • from a trusted source
  • MSC and Ocean Wise certified for being sustainability
  • wild-caught
  • contains zero hormone and antibiotics
BC Live Spot Prawns and Seafood supply a large variety of seafood that is sustainable with zero hormones and antibiotics, and wild-caught from the waters of Haida Gwaii. Our bestseller is Wild Sable Fish / Wild Black Cod, which became the most sought after premium fish for its superior flavour and texture. You will not regret buying it online from us. When it lands in your mouth, just close your eyes and savour it. The velvety fish will melt in your mouth like butter and you are going to love it for sure.

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