Flash-Frozen at Sea: The New Fresh BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood

Flash-Frozen at Sea: The New Fresh

When it comes to food, all of us want to have nothing, but the best. The same is the case with seafood as well. When we buy seafood, we usually follow the over-rated mantra of buying fresh. We are so occupied in our hunt for the fresh variety, that we forget to think about the modern technologies of freezing to retain the freshness, science has blessed us with. If you want to make your meals more environment-friendly, the new mantra should be to buy seafood that is flash-frozen at sea.

What is "Flash-Frozen at Sea”

Flash-freezing is a modern freezing technique, in which the seafood is frozen immediately after being harvested. The accelerated process utilizes ultra-low temperature (approximately around -20 degrees Fahrenheit) to minimize the time duration from being harvested to freezing. Unlike the freezers in our homes, the seafood can be frozen solid within a few seconds through flash-freezing. 

What Makes Flash-Frozen Seafood More Desirable Than Fresh Seafood

It is rightly said that freshly caught seafood is just like the melting ice cube whose quality can't be improved, but maintained only. Therefore, the quality of seafood starts declining the moment after being harvested. In contrast, flash-freezing at sea is such an amazing technique which seals the nutrients, flavour, texture and quality, like the moment we froze it. In a nutshell, flash-freezing can help us to retain the optimum freshness of the seafood without adding any artificial preservatives.

What is "Flash-Frozen at Sea?"

How Is Flash-Freezing Different From Household Freezing:

Preserving the quality of seafood through flash-freezing is entirely different from the household freezing. The simple reason is that our household freezers are specifically designed not to freeze the food but to keep the frozen food cold. 

Unlike flash-freezing, freezing the unfrozen food in your household freezer takes a couple of hours. Such a long time allows the formation of ice crystals within the fibre of your favourite seafood items. These ice crystals allow the nutritious juices to escape easily and you may end up with spoiled seafood. Flash-freezing at sea cuts down the time between harvest and freezing and does not let the crystals to form within the fibres of the meat.

Why Should We Buy Seafood That Is Flash-Frozen At Sea:

  1. Flash-freezing preserves the taste, flavour and texture of the seafood without adding any artificial preservatives.
  2. Flash-freezing also increases the shelf life of the seafood to many folds by helping the capture to resist the freezer burns.
  3. Flash-freezing at the sea enables us to savour the fresh and premium quality seafood. Seafood that is flash-frozen at sea, would be almost indistinguishable from fresh (never frozen) seafood. How often do you think that your ‘fresh’ is this much fresh?
  4. Fresh seafood or fish, lying on the ice in the shelf, is always on the quality-declining trajectory. On the contrary, flash-freezing entirely stops the process of quality decline in seafood. 
  5. The blind tasting also tends to prove that flash-frozen fish tasted as nice as fresh (never frozen) fish.
  6. Flash-freezing also ensures the availability of many seasonal seafood varieties throughout the year.
  7. Flash-frozen seafood is also environment-friendly as it reduces the amount of waste.


Whenever you want to buy seafood nowadays, you should keep the new mantra for it. Now you should buy flash-frozen seafood, as it is even fresher than the ‘fresh’. You can also buy seafood from us, as all our frozen seafood variety is flash-frozen at sea and vacuum-sealed to ensure quality and freshness

Flash Frozen at Sea explained | By Seafood Online from your local fishermen!

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