Why You Should Buy Seafood Online with Us BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood

Why You Should Buy Seafood Online with Us

There are lots of benefits associated with seafood. But there is a challenge. What challenge? Getting good, high-quality, and fresh seafood directly from your local fishermen to the consumer, whilst cutting out the middleman! This benefits our community greatly. To solve this, many buy seafood directly from fishermen or local seafood and fish stores. But do you know you can buy seafood online? In fact, buying seafood online gives you more advantage.

Even though there are many brick-and-mortar and online stores where you can buy seafood online, why choose us? Below are ten excellent reasons you should buy seafood online with us if you reside in Vancouver or Lander.

1. You are supporting a local small business.

As a conscious business, we do our best to give back to our local community. Supporting local businesses means you are contributing back to your community. Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms. Local family-owned businesses also normally have a smaller carbon footprint. Tax dollars also re-enter the community, boosting economic growth and more jobs. It is a win-win for everyone!

2. Sustainable Seafood

Our services are dedicated to seafood resource preservation and conservation. We recognize that overfishing is a rampant issue and the lives of our local fishing families and our partners all depend on the health of our oceans. We protect and safeguard the trapping of egg-bearing females and young species for our seafood, and return them to the sea.

3. We’ve Been Around for a While

Want to buy seafood in Vancouver, Ladner, and even all across Canada? We’ve been supplying restaurants and stores locally and across Canada for years, and have lots of experience. We have many loyal, repeat customers, and are constantly getting referrals.

4. Safe and Secure Ordering

We have a series of credit card fraud protection services provided by our online merchant to give you the best experience. Thus we have the safest place to purchase fresh seafood online. We also have a cash on delivery option in case you are not comfortable with making purchases online.

5. Tax is Included in our prices

Yes, you will save more with us as tax is included in our prices to make it easier for everyone, and you aren’t required to travel long distances to enjoy seafood from us. The custom-built package for our seafood delivery is one of the finest.

6. You can be Confident in our Fresh Seafood Delivery

Our fresh seafood delivery will definitely meet your satisfaction. When you select a delivery date, we will do our best to get it delivered on the day of your choosing. Additionally, our packages are well insured against any damages that could happen in transit when shipped across Canada.

7. Meet an Expert

We have experts that are always available to answer all your questions regardless of how awkward they could be. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Ask away.

8. Customer Service You Can Rely On

We answer emails and messages the day they are sent, in fact, we try our best to answer within the hour. And if you are very comfortable with speaking with us, we can also provide you with a phone number for direct inquiries. Our goal is to give answers to all customer emails within the same business day.

9. We Respect Your Privacy

We don’t sell out customers’ information to any company. Neither will you expect to receive email spam or junk mail to you. If you want a special deal on seafood, we’ll require that you sign up for our newsletter right on our home page.

10. We are For Seafood Lovers Only

We have recorded thousands of customers in Ladner and Greater Vancouver area that are satisfied with our services such as our free seafood delivery. They’ve all loved both our quality products and our customer services. You can read our reviews to validate our claims. Takeaway We have all it takes to transform your buying  experience. You don't have to wait at all!  Start  your journey with us now and get a mind-blowing customer experience.

Here at BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood, we have great deals on live, fresh, and frozen seafood including the delicacy, Uni (Sea Urchin Roe), Spot Prawn tails (the best quality you can get!), Spot Prawn TailsWild Albacore TunaWild OctopusWild Pacific Halibut filletsWild Sockeye SalmonWild Spring Salmon, and Wild Pink Salmon. These are directly from your local fishermen so you know you are getting the highest quality seafood from a trusted source, while supporting a local small business!

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