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Fresh Flash-Frozen?

Flash-frozen is not necessarily a new concept. Despite this, flash-frozen products are taken for granted and seen as “second best” to fresh products. Buying fresh seafood is not a guarantee that what you purchase is neither the best quality or even the freshest. The global virus has turned the seafood industry upside down, leaving many flash-frozen products wasting away in deep freezers. We love seafood. You love seafood. Let us not waste nature’s bounty of seafood that fishing families worked so hard to harvest. 

Flash-Frozen at Sea

There is truly something adventurous about the sea. It’s ever changing colors and moods. It teases your mind with times of pirates, battles, and discovery. Before modern technology became available to those who fish, the days latest catch had to be rushed back to shore and then sold quickly. Other attempts to stave off spoiled seafood included brining, salting, and drying. Flash-frozen at sea literally translates to 1) harvesting the seafood from the water; 2) freezing the seafood SOLID within minutes after being harvested. Technically? Your flash-frozen seafood products are actually the freshest product you can get. Even “fresh” seafood, not flash-frozen, has wait time between being harvested, sold, and bought. 


Think of seafood like a new car. Once a new car is bought and leaves the seller’s lot, that car begins to depreciate its value. Similarly, fresh seafood value begins to degrade the minute it is harvested. Here swoops in flash-freezing.

Delicate texture and flavours are sealed in the instant the product is flash-frozen at sea. This further preserve the nutrients and overall quality of the seafood. 

red meat freezer burn, yuck!

No, home freezers cannot do this

Every household knows the term “freezer burn”. Not only is the term known, you can visually identify it. The ice crystals, the discoloring, the costs. Home freezers simply do not have the capability to freeze something in second. Placing fresh seafood in your freezer can give you a couple extra days before consuming but even then the product is degrading in your freezer. 


Honestly, try a flash-frozen product. Spot prawns along with many other seafood delicacies are available. As a small business, we guarantee our freshness and quality. We do not only sell these products, we serve them to our own families.