Your Seafood Choices Matter

Your Seafood Choices Matter

The quality of seafood varies according to location. In short, yes, seafood from other countries is less guaranteed to be as regulated as it is in the Canadian coastlines, lakes, and rivers. Take an example of British Columbia’s seafood industry which offers over 90 species of wild and cultured fish, shellfish, and plants harvested from fresh and marine waters throughout the province. The British Columbia government has implemented several quality control programs in order to maintain and regulate seafood for human consumption. One such system is the "traceability system," which generates unique identifiers for traceable food, facilities, vehicles, or items associated with the activity for which the operator is licensed. This trail of the source to the delivery point is regulated and vetted sporadically at all stages of its movement.

Whereas a local seafood source can be a bit harder to find and deliver to consumers. However, a growing number of Internet generation are building online stores and distribution channels to overcome such barriers. BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood in Landers, BC is one such family-owned business, according to their website. The family guarantees that their products come directly from the source of the catch; they are not only the freshest but also truly wild from British Columbia's seas and lakes.

Your Seafood Choices Matter | BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood

Those who are familiar with seafood understand that the nutritional quality of the seafood source is heavily influenced by what the fish eats. Our seafood products' natural diets are lower in saturated fat and are not artificially fortified with artificial as farm-raised varieties are. Additionally, farm-raised fish tend to have a higher instance of disease due to farming conditions.  Because of industrial pollution that finds its way into lakes, rivers, and oceans, mercury can be found in both farm-raised and wild-caught seafood.

Like in any organically produced food variety, Wild-caught seafood is typically not as budget-friendly compared to farm-raised options. But between the give and take of price cuts avoiding retail channels netted against premium added price, I would prefer the latter. For instance, when I order Wild Sockeye Salmon from BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood online store, I know where my seafood comes from. If my restaurant runs claims such as "We serve the freshest seafood from the seas," a catchy phrase and well-known slogan, it is almost certainly a backed-up claim. In terms of price, according to my best calculations, I would pay 5% to 12% more for a 2Lb-5Lbs fillet of Wild Sockeye salmon compared to supermarket prices. Furthermore, supporting a local family business while subscribing to community-supported fisheries is a wise and personally rewarding choice. But it's only my opinion!