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Seafood Lovers’ Guide to Wild Halibut

Cooking is an art-form. It’s mediums include broiling, baking, frying, poaching, and BBQing. With those options, one may think the discussion is on chicken or beef. That is not the case at all. Cooking with such a wide variety of options is a blank canvas. The only choice for the art...wild Halibut.

Wild Halibut: Nature’s Surprise

Wild Pacific Halibut is an extraordinarily interesting fish. Not only are these flatfish capable of a length over 8 feet, but their width can reach over 5 feet. Wild Halibut is categorized as the largest species of flatfish. Those lengths and widths that they can reach have given them the name “barn doors”.

Most fish that the public knows has the typical swimming silhouette of salmon. This is the case for wild Halibut until their growth begins. At that time, until they are six months old, wild halibut change in ways that still baffle scientists. 

During this growth, wild Halibut begin with eyes on either side of their head, swimming with the typical upright swimming fish silhouette. Soon the left eye starts to migrate to the right side of the wild halibut. As this process continues and both eyes are on the right side, the wild halibut begins to swim sideways. This leaves their eyes on top of their bodies. 

Wild Catch for the Kitchen 

Also known as “steak of the sea”, wild halibut produces firm thick pieces that have a mild white flesh taste. This combination of taste and firmness allows options in the kitchen to expand. Because of the gentle flavour, it can handle bold seasoning and cooking styles. Knowing what you are buying is a key to getting a great product. 

Wild Pacific Halibut is a perfect fish to enjoy fresh but this is not always possible for those who live far from the west coast of British Columbia. An option to consider is flash-frozen. This allows the fish to be flash-frozen at sea to ensure the delicacy of the fish is preserved. 

Understanding and knowing the quality of fish that is being purchased is important. Another important part of cooking with wild halibut is understanding the health benefits of this amazing fish. 

Seafood Lovers’ Guide to Wild Halibut

Health Benefits

As each health fad rises and falls, there is a consistent agreement that fish are health superfoods. Wild halibut is not excluded from this. Packing a complete protein punch, wild halibut is full of amino acids that your body needs but is unable to make on its own. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are heart healthy but did you know that they also boost your brain power? Your brain contains crucial parts, like cognitive and behavioral functions, that require high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Inflammation reduction, improved cell health, and a healthier digestive and liver are all benefits provided by wild halibut. Simply stated, wild halibut is one of the healthiest fish with exciting cooking options. Your taste buds will not get bored with this meal. 

Wild or Farmed?

Wild halibut is sustainable and has lower sickness rates than farmed halibut. Unfortunately, as the demand for this delicious fish rises, some companies look for an easier and cheaper way to sell through farmed halibut. 

Farmed fish are often faced with overstocked and tight areas. Bacteria is introduced that infects fish, making them spoil. Tighter regulation has been discussed for fish farms but it has been proven a difficult task. 

When purchasing wild-caught halibut, the benefits of sustainable harvesting allows the ecosystem habitat to continue to grow and flourish. Ultimately this helps keep the waters clean and the fish healthy. More so, wild halibut fishing is often a family and area tradition. Supporting wild-caught halibut does more for the environment and the people to help keep sustainability at the forefront. 

All Things Considered

Options in the kitchen are endless with wild halibut as are the health benefits. Being an educated consumer allows you to experience the true joy of this fish. Supporting local, sustainably wild-caught halibut allows this great species to continue to thrive. 

Discover the “steak of the sea” while taking steps to a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy!