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Serving Up BC Spot Prawns: A Guide to Portion Sizes

BC spot prawns are deliciously flavored with a sweet, rich buttery flavor that is comparable to that of lobster and Dungeness crab. Japan, a major BC spot prawn buyer, relies heavily on only the highest quality product to export. BC Live Spot Prawns and Seafood proudly serves sashimi grade spot prawns to retail customers with the belief that healthy, sustainable products are available to both export around the world and to our neighbors. 

Nutritional Information

Bigger size does not guarantee better flavor when it comes to buying BC spot prawns. Prawns have a unique flavor profile that does not diminish due to being larger or smaller. Choosing from size options when ordering is a customer preference.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 100 grams

(Amount per serving)

Calories               85

Total Fat               0.4g

Cholesterol    145.00mg

Sodium    112.00mg

Carbohydrates    0.00g

Protein    20.00g

One of the best things about BC spot prawns is the amount of solid protein that comes from one serving. With cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, and sautéing, serving up prawns will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

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A Box of Frozen Whole Spot Prawns

When looking at ordering a box of frozen BC spot prawns, we offer medium or large. As a reminder, the flavor of the prawns is not diluted or made greater by a larger or smaller size. All of our BC spot prawns are hand selected for their size and freshness. 

Medium: 38-40 frozen spot prawns per box, 2.2lbs

Our medium box of BC spot prawns contains 38-40 frozen spot prawns per 2.2lbs box. Rest assured, the prawns are flash-frozen-at-sea which guarantees you a fresh meal. Approximately, per box of medium prawns, there contains 10 servings of 3-4 prawns in each serving.

Large: 30-32 frozen spot prawns per box, 2.2lbs

Similar to the medium box, the large box of frozen spot prawns contains handpicked flash-frozen prawns. The large box contains approximately 10 servings, 2-3 prawns per serving. 

Frozen BC Spot Prawn Tail Tub

An additional BC spot prawn product we carry is frozen spot prawn tails. Each XL spot prawn tail tubs are weighed at 400g and contain 20-25 XL tails. Each tub contains four servings of 100g edible spot prawn portions. 

The takeaway 

Flash frozen BC spot prawns do have a relatively shorter freezer life. We package our products to guarantee our freshest and best quality. After safely thawing, the prawns take no more than 45 seconds to cook! You will be serving a meal everyone will be talking about.