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Storing Fresh BC Spot Prawns in Your Fridge

Spot prawns are a great addition to any seafood diet. Famous for their size, spot prawns are similar to crossing the taste and texture of a Dungeness crab and a lobster. Having a sweet, rich, and buttery flavour, they are a sustainable source of vitamin D and other nutritious elements. The deliciousness of BC spot prawns can make any stomach gurgle with anticipation. Since many of us cannot make a fresh BC spot prawn shopping trip daily, it raises the question of longevity of spot prawns in a home fridge or freezer. Seafood products are similar to new cars leaving the sale lot. They begin to lose depreciation in their value as you drive away. Seafood similarly loses freshness the moment it is taken from its natural habitat, the ocean. Is it safe to keep spot prawns in the refrigerator or freezer, without compromising their taste and benefits? Find out the length of time BC spot prawns may stay in your fridge or freezer.

Spot Prawn Season Availability

If you want to have fresh spot prawns, you need to keep in mind their seasonal harvest dates. Mother-nature usually begins BC spot prawn season in May, creating the freshest catch available from the beginning May to early July. On average, a whopping two-thousand-tons of wild spot prawns are harvested in BC during these three months alone!

So how do you satisfy those savory seafood cravings for the rest of the year? Do not fret, we have the perfect solution for you. At BC Live Spot Prawns and Seafood, we maintain a 'ready for use' inventory of flash-frozen spot prawns. Effective flash-freezing allows the spot prawn to maintain their original freshness, nutrients, and taste. This ensures that no matter what time of year, you can be assured of quality BC spot prawns available all year long. 


Fridge Longevity

If you are buying fresh whole prawns, it is always a smart choice to consume it soon after buying. Any handling of seafood requires knowledge of food safety because of the delicate balance of fresh product. If immediate consumption of fresh BC spot prawns is not available, raw and cooked spot prawns can last up to 3 days in your domestic fridge if stored properly.

 Removing the heads of fresh spot prawns before keeping them in the fridge, helps avoid the enzyme release that causes spot prawns to turn black and mushy [source].

How to Store Spot Prawns in the Fridge

If you plan to consume your delicious spot prawns within three days of purchase, you may store them in the refrigerator. To preserve them well, without compromising the taste and quality of the spot prawns, make sure to remove the head. After removal of the heads, keep them in a container and cover them with a bag of ice.

How Long Can Spot Prawns Last in Freezer

If you think you won’t be able to consume your favorite BC spot prawns within 3 days, it is best to freeze them. In your domestic freezer, you can store spot prawns for as long as 9 months. All you need is to make sure to keep the spot prawns in a container fully dipped in brine (salt solution). Doing so may preserve the taste of your spot prawns but it would be difficult to do it in your domestic freezer due to space constraints. Additionally, we tend to open the freezer door repeatedly which impacts the temperature of the product and it can spoil-- so make sure to keep the door closed!

Flash-frozen at Sea

If you think that you can’t consume them in 3 days, you can also opt for the frozen whole spot prawns. They are almost as delicious as their live counterparts. If your frozen whole spot prawns are flash-frozen at sea, all their taste and freshness are locked in, and they may last up to 1 year in your freezer, still continue to be aware of opening or leaving your freezer open. Flash-frozen BC spot prawns must be consumed immediately after thawing. 


Remember before you buy seafood, including the spot prawns, fish and shellfish, spoil much quicker than other organic food items. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow the seafood safety and storage guidelines to ensure proper handling of the seafood. BC spot prawns can last for up to 3 days in your fridge, 9 months in your freezer (with proper storage techniques), and up to one year if they were flash-frozen at sea. Never consume seafood that smells fishy and/or looks slimy or mushy (when raw), and rubbery (when cooked or fried), as it may be spoilt and may cause food poisoning.

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