Buy Your BC Live Spot Prawns Fishermen-Direct! BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood

Buy Your BC Live Spot Prawns Fishermen-Direct!

Is there anything tastier than spot prawns? To us, there is no food in the universe that compares to live spot prawns. These luxurious prawns are renowned for their rich flavour and texture. Trust us; you haven't lived until you had a bite of these succulent spot prawns! BC live spot prawns are only available for a short time, so get your live spot prawns in Vancouver and our Ladner location while you can. 

Live Spot Prawn Pre-Orders are opened for 2021 season!

What Are Live Spot Prawns?

There are seven commercial varieties of shrimp found in western Canadian waters. Of these varieties, spot prawns are the largest. An interesting fact about prawns is they are hermaphrodites. Spot prawns are males for the first two years of their life. Then they morph into females for the remaining portion of their life span, which is four years. BC spot prawns can range significantly in size. In fact, some females surpass 23 centimeters in length. 

Spot prawns are known for their bold characteristics, such as their red-brown colour, which transforms into a beautiful vivid pink color when cooked. Upon closer inspection, you will notice white spots on their tail with white horizontal lines running along their body. 

How Are BC Live Spot Prawns Caught? 

The most noteworthy attribute about the spot prawn industry is that stocks are sustainably sourced to guarantee future generations get a chance to taste this delicious delicacy. Only a certain amount of fishermen are allowed to fish commercially for spot prawns each year. Fishermen drop a limited number of traps along the rugged seafloor to ensure minimal impact on ocean habitat, and minimize the chances of capturing unwanted creatures. Commercial vessels are obligated to return female prawns that are carrying eggs back to the ocean. Furthermore, the spot prawn population is closely observed, and the fishing season ends when prawn reserves are reduced to a specific number. Additionally, BC live spot prawns can only be purchased for a short time. The season usually opens in May and closes 6-8 weeks later in June. 

Buy Your BC Spot Prawns in Vancouver Fishermen-Direct!

Tips For Buying Live Spot Prawns

When it comes to buying this popular delicacy, there are a few things you should know before you step foot on the wharf. Prepare for line-ups. Live spot prawn season is hectic. It requires a lot of patience. Not only will there be a large crowd, but our boats can be early, late or absent due to weather conditions or mechanical issues. It is best to get comfortable, so bring your favorite tunes or podcasts with you. If you are in the False Creek area, you can take a relaxing stroll by the sea wall and soak up some warm sunshine. To ensure you get those tasty spot prawns, follow us on social media for updates, boat arrivals, pick-up days and times, recipes, and other pertinent information. 

Why Buy Spot Prawns From BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood?

There is no need to worry about where your spot prawns are coming from. BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood brings spot prawns from the fishermen straight to your table. As a small seafood company, we value quality over quantity, so we have chosen not to grade our spot prawns. Furthermore, we have hundreds of customers who trust us and our products. Check out our social media pages to see our reviews on Facebook and TrustPilot

Where To Buy BC Live Spot Prawns

You can pick up your live spot prawns at our False Creek and Ladner locations. Our False Creek location is 1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E8, while our Ladner location is 5000 Elliott St, Delta, BC V4K 2K6.

Additionally, you can skip the long lines, order from the comfort of your own home, and get a spot prawn delivery! Note delivery times are limited and are subject to boat arrivals.

Click here for our 2021 Live Spot Prawns pick up & delivery info!

Tips For Transporting Spot Prawns

It is important to remember your live spot prawns have recently been harvested from the ocean a few hours before you pick them up. It is essential you keep your prawns cool and get them home as soon as you can. If you want them to stay alive, do not place them in water or directly on ice! Ice is usually made from tap water; if the ice melts, the prawns will die. It is best to pack a cooler with a small ice pack. This way, we can weigh your spot prawns and place them into your cooler, on top of the ice! Click here for short blog post on tips when picking up your live spot prawns!

How To Cook Live Spot Prawns

When it comes to live spot prawns, cook them at your earliest convenience. If you want to store your prawns in the fridge for a few days, remove the heads and rinse the tails under cold running water. Wrap your spot prawns with damp paper towels and place them in the refrigerator. When you are ready to prepare your spot prawns, you can grill the tails for 1-2 minutes and serve them with any delicious sauce you love, or they taste great even on it’s own. 

You can also cook them in melted butter and add a little white wine and lemon juice for a delicious scampi. Steaming is another option. Place your prawns into a steamer basket and set it over a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes. Run cold water over them and serve with tomato sauce for a shrimp cocktail. 

BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood COVID-19 Policy

As we are still in a pandemic, it is our policy to ensure we follow the COVID-19 protocols. Your safety is our biggest priority. Please wear your masks, and make sure you are standing at least two feet apart from other individuals. Most importantly, remember to be patient and kind to others around you.  


Life is too short not to eat spot prawns. When cooked, they are tender, juicy, and delicious. Always remember the shrimp proverb. Never overcook prawns. Don't miss out on this local delicacy. Thank you for supporting small businesses and buying directly from your local fishing families!