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Seafood Lovers’ Guide to Wild Tuna

The word “tuna” does not apply to one individual fish. Tuna has more than a dozen species all over the world. Two of those species will be discussed below: Albacore and Yellowfin. These two specific species are what most people are familiar with from some sort of experience. Even as both are tuna, they differ in taste, texture, and preference. 

Wild Albacore Tuna: Chicken of the Sea

Marketed as “white tuna” because of the meat colour, wild albacore tuna has a dry texture that is similar to chicken. When looking at options for wild albacore tuna, the mild loin has a steak texture that leaves the cooking options open to the imagination. 

Options to cut wild albacore includes steaks or thin slices. Your dishes can go from tuna coconut curries to grilled albacore steak salad. The endless cooking options are not the only benefits from wild albacore tuna. Health benefits are the highest among tuna species. 

Wild Yellowfin Tuna

Unlike the wild albacore, the wild yellowfin tuna has a distinguishable bright red meat colour when raw. When the meat is cooked, the colour browns to gray/tan. Its firm texture differs from the dry wild albacore. Instead wild yellowfin meat is moist. This mild meaty flavour makes an excellent choice for sashimi.

Health Benefits

Wild tuna are powerhouses packed with health benefits your body needs. As exciting as it is to try a new healthy protein, it should be noted that some species of tuna can have high levels of mercury. 


Omega-3 fatty acids bring a balance between your blood vessels and arteries. Cholesterol in the arteries can build up to dangerous levels. Omega-3 fatty acids allow the heart to efficiently use the vessels and arteries. 

Blood Pressure

Potassium is a natural key to lowering blood pressure. Its antiinflammatory properties positively affect your cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure. 

Immune System

Manganese, zinc, vitamin C, and selenium are all antioxidants that your body needs to keep a healthy and strong immune system. 


As you maintain a healthy weight, remembering low fat content foods that are packed with protein is a must. Tuna is a super choice for this. 

Bone and Beauty Health

Vitamin B is a lesser known component to having strong bones. Tuna is full of this vitamin, helping make your bones stronger. A protein, elastin, is an element of the vitamin B complex that improves overall skin health.

 Seafood Lovers’ Guide to Wild Tuna

Wild-Caught: End of Discussion

Wild-caught tuna has no long-term negative impact on the species or the ecosystem. As some seafood companies lose focus on sustainability, cheap costs begin to flood the farmed industry. This leads to high pollution and use of chemicals that cause unnatural treatments on fish. 

Wild-caught tuna ensures the sustainability of the species and the environment, allowing the population to grow healthy. Buying local is a safe option when purchasing tuna. Companies that uses flash-frozen at sea to preserve their seafood products is another reliable source. 

All Things Considered

Buy wild. Buy local. The sustainable fishing industry relies on it. Tuna is a great choice for novice home cooks to the four star chef. Its versatility and textures leave options wide open. When you are looking to purchase, always check close to home. The local small companies are run by families that care about their product and your satisfaction. 

Embrace the chef in you! Try wild tuna today.

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