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Wild Spring Salmon: The King of Salmon

Surprisingly, some consumers are unaware that the highly sought after King Salmon, is also referred to as Spring Salmon and Chinook Salmon. Wild spring salmon is one of the richest sources for omega-3 fatty acids. Before you get worried about healthy versus unhealthy fats, let's dive into why wild spring salmon is the King of Salmon. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

It is understandable, especially in the health fad media, to be weary of something that is literally named “fatty acids”. Moving past the uncomfortable “fat” word, the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are an ultimate necessity for your health. It is an essential polyunsaturated fat nutrient. Essential nutrients, such as omega-3, are nutrients that your body needs but cannot make on its own. In order to get essential nutrients, your daily dietary sources become the vessel. 

Your day is filled with work, family, personal and all other agendas so it may seem like a task to get omega-3 into your diet. The amazing part of wild spring salmon and other specific seafood, is that it only takes two servings weekly to get the plentiful benefits. These benefits include reduction of inflammation and cardiovascular disease caused by metabolic syndrome. A 2015 study found a correlation between omega-3 and reduced risk of breast cancer. Other findings suggest omega-3 play a part in sleep apnea, hair loss, autoimmune diseases, bone, and eye health.


Astaxanthin is an antioxidant in the carotenoid family. Carotenoids are what gives red and orange hues to some foods. The essential nutrients in carrots and the benefits of vitamin C are both part of the carotenoid family. Interestingly, wild spring salmon is known as the “King of Salmon” and astaxanthin has been named “King of the Carotenoids”. This crowning is due to the fact that astaxanthin is the most potent among carotenoids. The health benefits include immunomodulation, anti-stress, skin health, and many others.

Wild Spring Salmon: The King of Salmon | Cooked Salmon Fillet

Benefits and Beyond

The benefits of wild salmon go far beyond the basics of protein and omega-3. Those benefits are just two of the top ten concerning wild salmon. Another benefit, not health related, is the ultimate versatility of wild spring salmon in the kitchen. Cooking wild spring salmon is relatively quick given that it can overcook quickly. Wild spring salmon has a succulent texture that is delicious raw and medium-rare. Grilling wild salmon allows the high fat content to bast the fish from the inside out while handling the high heat.

This delicious meal is seasoned with mustard, cayenne, and lemon zest whipped cream.

Whiskey and maple syrup sauce drizzled over a grilled salmon makes for a hardy yet comforting plate. 

A comforting bacon and potato chunky chowder that is shellfish allergen safe.


Wild spring salmon is indeed the King of Salmon. From its abundance of health benefits to its versatile cooking choices, wild spring salmon has a taste for everyone. Seafood lovers and shellfish allergy sufferers alike can enjoy this wild fish and all it has to offer. Buying local means more than getting a fresh fish. Local is the fishing families, the small businesses, the sustainability, and the promise of quality.

Wild Spring Salmon: The King of Salmon

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