BC Live Spot Prawns Season 2021

BC Live Spot Prawn Season will begin on May 15, 2021 and will be available for 30-40 days.

*Please note that all these details are subject to change and your pick up date isn't guaranteed because we are dealing with a live product and it is subject to availability (we will issue full refunds or reschedule your pick up if we cannot fulfill your order)*

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We had a very successful year last year getting BC live spot prawns from our boats to your dinner tables, and we are very excited about doing it again this year!

Live spot prawn pre-orders available for $18/lb. Click here to reserve your spot prawns!¬†Spot prawn season in BC is usually an extremely busy and hectic time of the year for our fishermen, with long line ups at the wharfs as everyone is trying to get their hands on this decadent delicacy! ūü¶ź

Live Spot Prawn Delivery:


  • Two delivery zones:
    • Zone 1 - Richmond Delta: $20/lb with a 10lb minimum
    • Zone 2 - Other Lower Mainland: $25/lb with a 10lb minimum
  • Home delivery costs a little more because it includes¬†delivery fees.
  • We have¬†limited delivery slots available so¬†reserve¬†yours now!
  • Your actual delivery date¬†is not guaranteed, and¬†subject to change depending on your location (to make sure logistics workout for our drivers) and we will contact you personally.
  • If you placed a delivery order for live spot prawns under the 10lb minimum, we will be in to touch, and your order will not be delivered until you have paid the difference.
  • You will be responsible for paying the price difference if you select the wrong zone for your delivery.
  • Delivery time: Because we deliver across Greater Vancouver everyday, it is difficult to estimate¬†a specific time frame for each delivery due to traffic and having to weigh and bag each order on site. Lisa will call/text you before arrival, and you must come outside to meet her for your delivery order. Please remember to stay 6ft from our drivers. Thank you!

Pick Up Instructions:

  1. You MUST have your order number ready. You can find it in your confirmation email or text.
  2. You can check your pick-up date by going to your order confirmation page (the big red button at the bottom of your confirmation email or text).
  3. All live spot prawn pick-up orders are FINAL.
  4. Please only show up on your pick-up date otherwise we cannot give you live spot prawns at your pre-sale price.
  5. Even with presales, prepare to wait as live spot prawns are subject to boat arrivals and other factors such as weather. Follow us on Facebook for live updates!
  6. Please wear a mask and follow social distancing instructions. ūüôŹ

Live Spot Prawns Pick Up Locations:

Ladner Wharf

Come visit us at Ladner Wharf to get your live spot prawns from Janet, Winch, and Darin. They are proud Ladner-locals and are very excited to serve the community once again! 

  • Location:¬†5000 Elliott St, Delta, BC V4K 2K6
  • Days:¬†Everyday
  • Time:¬†Our daily hours vary depending on boat arrivals and prawn availability. They will be posted daily on Facebook.
  • We have two separate lines, one for pre-order and another for walk-up sales.
  • Janet & Winch (who will be serving you) have been vaccinated!
  • More parking and less crowded than¬†Steveston!
  • **please find street parking as the lot is reserved for Sharkey's customers only!**
  • If you have placed a pre-order, make sure to¬†follow us on Facebook for live updates on boat arrivals, and we recommend you come a little earlier.
  • If pre-sales are sold out on a certain day, please come visit us at the dock for cash sales at market price. We will have prawns available for walk-up customers.

Live Spot Prawns Pick Up @ Ladner, BC

False Creek

  • Address:¬†1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E8
  • Dates:¬†Pre-sales are only for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.¬†Friday-Sunday¬†will be walk-up sales only at market price.
  • Time:¬†Approximately 1-2pm - please follow us on¬†Facebook¬†for live updates on boat arrivals on Mondays-Thursdays¬†(subject to boat arrival as they can be +/- an hour late or early with many factors such as weather).
  • Pre-sale customers must come between 1-2pm.¬†
  • There is one line at False Creek due to space limit.¬†
  • Cash sales are priority in False Creek, and pre-sales are subject to availability because there are other boats.
  • If you don't get your live spot prawns that day because we will issue a full refund or you can come back another day.
  • You must pick up pre-orders at Stew's boat, which will be the first boat directly facing the ramp! Please look for our red sign: BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood
  • Pre-orders for False Creek are extremely limited but you are still welcomed to show up at the docks to pay the market price daily.
  • Weekdays are the best times to get your live spot prawns here. There are barely any line ups!
  • Please note: We will be pausing False Creek pick-ups for other seafood products until live spot prawn season is over (the season normally lasts 5-6 weeks). Our last pick-up at False Creek will be Thursday, May 13, 2021. From May 15 onwards, you will only be able to pick up live spot prawns at False Creek.
Live Spot Prawns Pick Up @ False Creek Vancouver



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Why you should buy live spot prawns from us:

  • We¬†do not grade our spot prawns so while your order will be a mix of sizes, you can expect to find some large and XL spot prawns (grocery stores all have smaller spot prawns)
  • We have served thousands of happy customers last summer as the purveyors of live spot prawns pick up¬†AND delivery
  • We will be offering delivery across Greater Vancouver, and pick-ups in Vancouver, BC and Ladner, BC
  • Our spot prawns are fishermen-direct; you will get the daily catch, fresh from¬†our boats
  • You are supporting local fishing families!¬†

BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood | Live Spot Prawn Season 2021 | Seafood Delivery | Vancouver
Stew and the crew at False Creek during Live Spot Prawn Season 2020

Live Spot Prawn Season 2021
Live Spot Prawn Season 2021Live Spot Prawn Season 2021
Live Spot Prawn Season 2021Live Spot Prawn Season 2021

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