Shucked Fresh Oysters

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Fresh Oysters: A Nutrient Dense Super-Food

Shucked Fresh Oysters are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can add to our healthy diet, and truly the star of the shellfish world. 3oz of our fresh shucked oysters will give you 100% of the RDA for zinc, copper, selenium, B12, and half of the RDA for iron!

These shucked fresh oysters are sustainably "farmed", as with 95% of the oysters on the market but that is okay with shellfish because they are purposely attached to rocks. Oyster cultivation is also low-impact and ocean-friendly. Oysters are filter-feeders and consume their food by sifting through that same sea water, hence no GMO-filled feed are given to these precious gems. If you are worried about contaminants, you are guaranteed local BC fresh oysters from BC Live Spot Prawns & Seafood because we do NOT import any products in for sale.

Did you know?

They are the single greatest source of dietary zinc, which our body needs to make testosterone-- which is also why fresh oysters have a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Shucked Fresh Oysters Notes:

  • 16oz¬†shucked fresh oysters per container (approx. 10 large and meaty pieces)
  • mild, meaty, and sweet flavour
  • can be refrigerated up to 5 days
  • oysters contain the highest source of zinc (for health¬†& immunity)
  • extremely rich in vitamins and minerals
  • high-quality protein
  • low in sodium, fat, and carbs
  • sustainably-farmed in Baynes Sound between Denman Island and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • bonus: also known as an¬†aphrodisiac!

Nutritional Information for Shucked Fresh Oysters:

per 3oz of of Shucked Fresh Oysters

  • Calories¬†69
  • Protein¬†7¬†g
  • Carbs 4.2g
  • Fat 3 g
  • Cholesterol¬†4.2¬†mg
  • Sodium¬†90¬†mg

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