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BC Spot Prawn: Beyond Shrimp

Seafood lovers in North America have a tendency to use the terms “shrimp” and “spot prawn” interchangeably. A common mistake that is cleared up with the help of a few key differences. Found in the frigid waters along the Pacific West coast, BC Spot Prawns may have common shrimp physical features, but not in taste. Once you taste a BC Spot Prawn, the rich, buttery, and sensory exploding taste, you will instantly understand the difference between the two.

A Local Vancouver Delicacy

Vancouver foodies are no strangers to the rich lobster flavour of BC Spot Prawns. Chefs’ Table Society of BC celebrates and supports the culinary wonders of BC Spot Prawns. Found fresh at the wharfs and markets during the fishing season,  flash-frozen at sea provides prawns all year long.

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The sweet and succulent yumminess found in fresh or flash-frozen prawns is available for fisher-direct seafood delivery! Calgary, Edmonton, and additional areas can all enjoy fresh seafood that will satisfy any sea-foodie taste buds.

Unbeatable Taste

Shrimp, tasty by themselves, is delicious when combined with a well blended, tangy cocktail sauce. Many sea-foodies are familiar with the boosts of flavour shrimp get when combined with additional additives. On the other side of the table, we can enjoy BC Spot Prawns sashimi style. Safely storing your BC Spot Prawns, in the fridge or freezer, is necessary to preserve the quality of taste and texture.

*image: (Access to flash-frozen and fresh prawns?)

Spot Prawn Nutrient Facts

Power packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, and vitamin E, BC Spot Prawns are a heart and body superfood.

Per 3.5 oz/100 grams of raw edible portion:
Calories: 85
Total fat: 0.4g
Protein: 20.0 g
Cholesterol: 145.0 mg
Sodium: 112.0 mg

Like Shrimp, Not Shrimp

BC Spot Prawns and shrimp are both decapod crustaceans. The most obvious physical differences (other than color) include gills, side plates, and pincers. BC Spot Prawns’ branching gills are unlike the plate-like ones on shrimp. Shrimp have the familiar tight curl of their body, allowed by overlaying of the side plate. BC Spot Prawns, even after being cooked, have a slight curve to their otherwise straight body, because of the difference in the side's layering plate.

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Do not be fooled if anyone tries to tell you that shrimp can be substitutes for BC Spot Prawns in culinary dishes and recipes. The taste sets them thousands of kilometers apart.